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Webinars with Ray del Sole

A new form of Spiritual Training

The Sole Academy proudly presents webinars - online workshops with Ray del Sole, the author of a series of spiritual books. Ray has dedicated himself to the universal teachings which were unveiled by Franz Bardon.
It is a fact that most students have problems with the exercises and the understanding of Bardon´s teachings. Ray is an advanced student with a bright education and nearly 20 years of spiritual training. So he knows all problems and also how to manage them.
Taking part in his webinars means to save precious time and effort and to get the keys for success. So all webinars have a theory part and a practical part for direct, own experiences.
Own experiences are most precious as they are the key for real comprehension. Own experiences in fact mean true initiation into esoteric - hidden knowledge.

So this new series of training, education will provide interesting knowledge and real initiation as far as possible.

Please regard that these workshops only work for honest spiritual seekers as it is all about spirituality. All others who are interested in occult arts should look for an according secret society.

Thank you for your understanding.

The Concept of Education

The basis of all webinars are the three books of Bardon, the universal teachings which are underlying all spiritual traditions and religions. But that is not all. A bright knowledge of psychology, past-life-therapy, hypno-therapy, coaching and management is integrated.
The spiritual training can´t be seen separately from life and life circumstances. Also the past (past lives) has to be considered. Only when your past and your life is balanced then you can make good progress in your spiritual development.
Additionally I present two different ways of access, - the straight way of Bardon (step by step) and the second option, the smart way for spiritual development.
For these reasons the webinars are divided into five categories:

  • Category A: Preparation (Coaching for Life & Business, past-life-therapy)
  • Category B: Microcosmic perfection (Bardon: IIH)
  • Category C: Cooperation with the hierarchy (Bardon: PME)
  • Category D: Macrocosmic perfection (Bardon: KTQ)
  • Category E: Special topics (a smart access to spiritual development)

Cooperation with SURA-ITF

The idea of providing webinars for spiritual education is indeed a concept of SURA-ITF. In the future these concepts of spiritual education and training will be refined and expanded. SURA-ITF will provide the most comprehensive standard for the individual development.
Every honest spiritual student can take part in this international association. Please join here: SURA - International Theistic Federation

Duration and dates

A webinar takes around 1-1,5 hours normally. But there are also webinars which take more time. Then the charges are also higher. A few webinars take several meetings as a series. You will find further details directly at the single webinars.
The times and dates reflect the different time zones as people from all over the world take part. According to special needs or wishes extra appointments can be arranged.

Please look at the webinar calendar for fixed webinars.

Offers & Costs

Although I would like to offer all spiritual webinars for free, I just cannot do that. Life is expensive and all the spiritual projects like the SURA association take a lot of time and effort. And certainly they also need money. The more money I can spend for these spiritual activities the better are the results and the benefit for everyone. So every income serves indirectly spiritual, altruistic projects and spiritual education.
I know that students often have financial problems and it feels natural for me to support everyone as good as possible. So I have decided to offer the webinars and single spiritual coaching according to the financial situation of the individual student. Below you find examples for the charges to orientate on. If you can and want, then you can spend more money respectively make donations for SURA-ITF. Every kind of support will be gratefully received! We also need volunteers for a lot of work.
For further information please contact me - Ray del Sole - directly or Falco who is providing this website. Falco is also the financial manager of SURA-ITF.

Charges for webinars per hour

  • good financial situation: ~ 70 Euros or more
  • normal financial situation: ~ 30 Euros
  • bad financial situation: ~ 10 Euros/voluntary work for SURA-ITF
  • very bad financial situation: 0 Euros/voluntary work for SURA-ITF
  • (all costs including 19% taxes)

Charges for individual Coaching per hour

  • good financial situation: ~ 100 Euros or more
  • normal financial situation: ~ 85 Euros
  • bad financial situation: ~ 10 Euros/voluntary work for SURA-ITF
  • very bad financial situation: 0 Euros/voluntary work for SURA-ITF
  • (all costs including 19% taxes)
  • (these offers depend on my capacities)

Payment and Terms of Service

All webinars are offers which are taken at own responsibility and own risk. If you have any problems regarding your mental, psychic or physical health then you have to inform the moderator Ray del Sole. It is possible that some guided meditations or hypnotic treatments are not advisable for you. You can/should clear this also with your doctor. Your health and wellness is highly regarded.

Webinars and Coaching can be booked or requested directly by Ray. Please contact Ray via email. Please tell Ray about your wishes, needs, problems and how much you can/want to pay or donate.

The payment is realized via the financial manager of SURA-ITF, Falco Wisskirchen. Please pay before the webinar/coaching or a short time after.

You can use this bank account for transaction:

Falco Wisskirchen
Account: 4469556225
IBAN: DE65672300004469556225

or use the donation button below: